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BioEnergy Assessment

Life is a Gift, Wellness is our Challenge!

BioEnergy Assessment

Knowledge Is Power

Biological energy balance is quickly and painlessly determined by simply placing your hand on the cradle and having the ZYTO biocommunication program ask your body energy questions. Using this knowledge can have a positive impact on the quality of your life at every stage. From birth to death our bodies are constantly changing and out biological energy scan can help your understand your health and make adjustments to maintain a healthy life.

Q: What is Bio-Communication?

The ZYTO technology asks your body questions and records the answers. The computer sends your body a question called a digital stressor and then monitors your response by tracking changes in your body’s energy response. This response is a well-established biomarker. It is an exchange of information between the computer and your body. By then applying the data gathered, we are able to interpret what your body is saying. In the most basic terms, ZYTO technology uses quantum physics as well as frequency response technology to measure fluctuations in electrical output (energy) of your cells.

Q: Is the scanning Accurate?

Clinical studies have compared ZYTO scan reports with results produced by generally accepted diagnostic methods. One pilot study conducted in Beijing China compared the results of a four-minute ZYTO scan to a two-day diagnostic workup on several hundred patients. The results showed a high correlation. This study was not undertaken with the idea that biocommunication scanning is an alternative to diagnostic testing, but to determine the clinical value of scan results as a guide for doctors ordering diagnostic workups.

Q: Is the scanning Safe?

There are no known contraindications for properly administered ZYTO scanning. The amount of energy used in a scan is so low that it is safe for infants, children, adults of all ages, for people with pacemakers, and pregnant women.

Bio-Communication Is the Conversation
between Your Body and the ZYTO Software.